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MaxiFlex Ultimate Gloves | ATG

MaxiFlex Ultimate Gloves | ATG

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MaxiFlex Ultimate gloves with AD-APT technology. They are super flexible & very comfortable to wear for long periods. They are tight on your hand and are designed to mimic hand shape with a outstanding durability. MaxiFlex are dermatologically (Oeko-Tex testing)accredited and pre-washed to ensure it is fresh out of the pack.


The palm of these gloves is coated in NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) with a micro-foam texture. The body of the glove is made from Nylon & Spandex. 

AD-APT technology is a treatment that helps to regulate temperature. Keeping hot hands cool, dry and productive. It is activated by movement of your hands and releases a natural cooling agent on rising temperature. This keeps your hands cool and dry.



Size 8 Size 9 Size 10
Size Small Medium Large
Wrist Colour Orange White Yellow
Minimum Length 240mm 250mm 260mm
Palm Circumference 203mm 229mm 254mm


 Model Number: 42-874 MaxiFlex Ultimate ADAPT - Palm Coated


For more information, see documents below:

- ATG MaxiFlex Ultimate Product Data Sheet

- ATG MaxiFlex Recommendation for Use

- ATG MaxiFlex Ultimate Material Safety Data Sheet