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LS14500 Lithium AA Battery Li-SOCl2 | SAFT

LS14500 Lithium AA Battery Li-SOCl2 | SAFT

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SAFT LS14500 is an AA sized, 3.6volt, Lithium-Thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) bobbin cell battery. It is ideally suited for applications where low power consumption is required over a long period of time.

All Navis Anemometer sensors use this type of LS14500 battery. 

The LS14500 has a low self discharge rate, less than 1% power lost per year when in storage. 

Please note: these are not suitable as a replacement for a standard 1.5v AA battery in most devices. Please consult device manufacturer and battery manufacturer for correct use. 

 Size Voltage Pack Size Spec Sheet
AA 3.6 1 SAFT LS14500 Spec Sheet