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Navis Elektronika Anemometer W410XW WSD
Navis Elektronika Anemometer W410XW WSD Display unit
Navis Elektronika WSD  Anemometer wind vane
Long Range Anemometer with Bluetooth, WiFi and Logging | W410XL | Navis Elektronika
Navis Elektronika Anemometer Live Data computer display
Navis Elektronika Anemometer W410XW WSD Graph display

Long Range Anemometer with Bluetooth, WiFi and Logging | W410XL | Navis Elektronika

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If you need assistance in selecting an anemometer for your requirements please contact us. There are other versions & variations available that are not on the website, please contact us for more information.

Wind Speed & Direction:
  • Wind Speed Only = Sensor measures wind speed only
  • Wind Speed & Direction = Sensor measures wind speed and direction wind is blowing from.
  • Basic = 1min data refresh, 24hr history graphs.
  • 3 year Advanced Access = 2sec data refresh, Graph (10min, hour, day, week or month), data logging all measurements, data downloadable to spreadsheet.



The W410XL is a long range wireless anemometer with Bluetooth, WiFi and local data logging. The W410XL anemometer can measure wind speed and direction. The display unit connects to the anemometer via its own 868 MHZ radio and can transmit up to 1300m (line of sight). The W410XL contains an SD Card which recored all reading locally to the device. If the device was to loose WiFi it would continue to log readings. 

The W410XL shows the readings on its display unit, it also connects to Navis LIVEDATA web portal via WiFi. It uploads live data to the web portal for remote storage, monitoring and viewing. This means that you can share the login details to your event control & safety team to allow them to remotely & instantly view the current readings. 

The W410XL also contains a bluetooth connection to connect to Windy Anemometer app on iPhone & Android. 



  • Current wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Bar graph for current wind speed 
  • Bar graph for peak wind speed
  • 8 hour wind speed history graph
  • 8 hour alarm history graph
  • Temperature
  • Logging readings to SD Card in device



  • Wireless sensor - Easy installation without running cables
  • Range up to 1300m:
    • 1300 m with external antenna and extended range sensor
    • Up to 3-4 times this is possible with an external mounted Yagi Antenna. Please contact us for details. 
  • Built-in adjustable audible alarm and yellow / red warning lights
  • 4 programmable alarm relay outputs with ON and OFF delays. These can be used to sound outdoor/remote alarms or lights. They can also be used to trigger other systems. 
  • 2-zone wind direction alarm
  • Large graphic LCD display with backlight
  • Wi-Fi connection for sending data to Navis LIVEDATA web interface
  • Bluetooth connection for use with Windy Anemometer App
  • Easy-to-use solution for wind site evaluation
  • Logging or readings locally on device
    • Average & Max wind speed
    • Wind Direction
    • Temperature
    • Selectable logging intervals: 10s, 1min, 10min, 60min
    • Up to 12months storage capacity


  • Wind monitoring on-site at events
  • Local storage of readings (not dependent on WiFi)
  • Crane applications:
    • Mobile cranes
    • Tower cranes
    • Bridge cranes
  • Construction Sites
    • All applications where a wind alarm is needed
    • Remote wind monitoring and logging
    • ATEX Version also available. Please contact us for details


    Navis LIVEDATA web interface:

    • Free Basic Access
      • Current Readings
      • 1 min data refreshing
      • 24hour history graphs
    • Advanced Access (Subscription €180 for 3 years) 
      • Current Readings
      • 2 seconds data refreshing
      • Graph in 10min, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly view
      • Data logging on all measurements
      • Data downloadable to spreadsheet



    Wind speed measurement range: 
    0.6 m/s - 50.0 m/s
    Wind speed resolution:
    0.1 m/s
    Wind speed accuracy:
    +/- 2.5%, calibration possible in 0.5% steps
    Wind speed units:

    m/s, km/h, knots, mph

    Wind speed averaging period:

    selectable 2s, 10s, 30s 

    Wind direction measurement range:
    0° - 359° (6° Graph resolution)
    Wind direction resolution:
    Wind direction accuracy:
    +/- 2.5°, adjustable offset +/- 180°
    Wind direction averaging period:

    Temperature measurement / operating range:

    -30°C to +60 °C

    Temperature resolution:

    1 °C

    Temperature accuracy:

    +/- 1°C

    Temperature units:

    °C, °F

    Communication frequency:

    Antenna Input:

    50 Ohm, SMA connector



    Extended range sensor

    - up to 1300m visible distance (Line of Sight)

    Wi-Fi data transmission rate: 
    every 2 seconds 
    Wi-Fi transmission frequency: 
    2.4 GHz 
    Wi-Fi range: 
    Up to 20 meters. Varies with type of Wi-Fi router. 
    Navis LIVEDATA web interface URL:


    12v Power Supply Included (UK Plug)

    Operating voltage:  

    12 - 24 V DC

    Power consumption: 

    500 mA


    4 x relay, contact rating 2A/24V, programmable ON and OFF delays

    2 x 4...20 mA (not isolated, common ground with supply) 4 mA = 0 m/s (0° ) 20 mA = programmable 10 - 50 m/s (359°)


    - adjustable max. alarm red light + continuous sound signal

    - adjustable pre. alarm yellow light + interrupted sound signal

    Sound Signal

    85 dB/10 cm
    Dimensions - Display Unit:

    150 x 80 x 55 mm

    Dimensions - WS sensor:

     - Height 210 mm

    - cup to cup diameter 120 mm

    Dimensions - WSD sensor:

    - Height 250 mm

    - overall vane diameter 220 mm

    - cup to cup diameter 120 mm


    Mounts on a pipe with ø 20 mm diameter


    All Navis Elektronika wind sensors can be certified by Lotric Metrology or Deutsche WindGuard. Pricing starting from €210. Please contact us for more information. See Sample certificate HERE


    Various optional accessories available (see below). Please contact us for more information.




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