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Led Lenser H3.2 |  Head Torch
Led Lenser H3.2 |  Head Torch
Led Lenser H3.2 |  Head Torch

Led Lenser H3.2 | Head Torch

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The H3.2 is a general purpose head torch for occasional use. It has all the features required; ergonomic design, comfort, pivoting lamp, advanced focus system and battery pack on the rear. 

The H3.2 is a dimmable head torch, that has two different power settings. It weighs 133 grams and has 120 lumen output with up to a 60 hour run time. The H3.2 also has a dimmer on the rear battery pack so the light output can be set. 


  • Power
    • High light output
  • Low Power
    • Economical light for long battery life, up to 60 hours - 5 lumen



  • Aluminium casing
  • Rear battery pack
  • Dimmable



LED Configuration 1x Power LED
Luminosity Max. 120 lumen - Min. 5 lumen
Lighting Range Max. 100 metre - Min. 20 metre
Battery Duration Max. 60 hours - Min. 6 hour


Battery & Casing

3x AAA
Water Resistance
IPX4  (Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect)
Dust Resistance
Switch Front switch with rear dimmer


Size & Weight

Head Diameter
28 mm
133 g


Whats in the box?

  • 1x LED Lenser H3.2
  • 3x AAA Battery (Want spares? We sell them HERE)
  • 1x Box


1Measurement values according to ANSI FL1 in the respective setting. If no setting is explicitly indicated, the values refer to luminous flux (lumens/lm) and lighting range (meters/m) on the highest setting, and to battery duration (hours/hrs/h) on the lowest setting. A boost function (if available) can be used several times, but only for short periods of time. If the light is equipped with (a) colored LED(s), the measurement values are given for the white light or the white LED. If the light has different energy modes, the measurement is made based on the “energy saving mode”.

2Calculated value of capacity in watt-hours (Wh). This applies to the delivery state of the battery(-ies) contained in the respective item, or if it is a light with (a) rechargeable battery(-ies), then to the item’s rechargeable battery(-ies) when fully charged.

3EP Patent 1880139; US Patent 7,461,960

4Warranty period of five years from the date of purchase, seven years if the product is registered online on our website. The warranty is valid worldwide and legal warranty rights also apply. It covers defects in materials and workmanship. For the proper functioning of rechargeable batteries a different warranty period of 24 months applies. Excluded from this warranty are the product series “Solidline”, Ledlenser K1 and Ledlenser K2. The warranty does not apply to Defects in batteries, holsters, pouches, remote switches, color filters, imprints or surface coatings. The guarantor is Ledlenser GmbH & Co. KG, Kronenstr. 5 - 7, 42699 Solingen, Germany. More information here.


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