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Double Sided Carpet Tape | 50m x 38mm | 4105

Double Sided Carpet Tape | 50m x 38mm | 4105

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4105 Double Sided Carpet Tape is a polythene tape with a removable emulsion acrylic adhesive on the open side & permanent synthetic rubber adhesive on the closed side. It is blue in colour and is ideal for temporarily fixing carpet and other floor coverings to the sub-floor. it is easily removable and leaves no residue on most surfaces (please test surface before usage).



  • Blue Polythene film
  • Differential adhesive system (one side stronger than other)
    • Removable emulsion acrylic adhesive on open side
    • Permanent synthetic rubber adhesive on closed side
  • Residue free removability on most surfaces. (Needs to be tested individually before usage!)
  • High Tack


     Main Applications:

    • Temporary floor laying at Conferences, Exhibitions & Conventions
    • Exhibition stand builders
    • Carpet
    • Vinyl
    • Signage
    • Fixing non-slip mats


    Technical properties 


    50m x 38mm

    Backing Material
    Adhesive Type

    Closed side: Synthetic Rubber-resin

    Open side: Emulsion acrylic

    Elongation at break
    280 %
    Peel Adhesion

    2.5 N/cm (open side)

    15 N/cm (closed side)

    Tensile Strength
    17 N/cm
    Service Temperature
    -10°C to +50 °C



    Please note: 

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