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Brother PT-H110 Label Printer
Brother PT-H110 Label Printer

Brother PT-H110 Label Printer

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The PT-H110 is a basic, easy to use, handheld labelling machine. It prints on a film available in various colours and sizes; 6mm, 9mm, 12mm. The labels are durable and have an adhesive on the back making them perfect for sticking to various surfaces. Ideal for labelling switches, cables, plugs, keys, files & folders and radios

You can choose from several fonts & styles including most commonly used symbols. Compatible with Brother TZe Tapes.



  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Prints 6mm, 9mm, 12mm tape
  • Built in cutter to cut tape after each label
  • Easy type QWERTY keyboard with number strip
  • Fast - 20mm per second
  • Mirror printing so it can be read through a window



  • Labelling important items such as:
    • Switches
    • Cables
    • Plugs
    • Keys
    • Files & folders
    • Radios
  • Name Badges
  • Name/title strip for Laminates
  • ID Labels for stock


 Size 111mm x 204mm x 58mm
Weight 0.40kg
Label Sizes





Label Type

Brother TZe

Available HERE

Speed 20mm per second
Labels Included

1x TZe 12mm Black on White (4metre Sample)


Requires 6x AAA

Available HERE