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LED Lenser Product Specifications and Comparison Table

Led Lenser stocked by Event Production Supplies

 At Event Production Supplies we have put together a range of LED Lenser products that we think are most suitable to the events and theatre professionals. 

However, with so many different models, its sometimes hard to understand what's what. 

To make your decision on which model to purchase that little bit easier, we have created a useful comparison table showing all the models that we stock and their various specifications. 

Click the picture or link below:

Event Production Supplies LED Lenser Product Specs Comparison Table


LED Lenser product specs at Event Production Supplies

 [You can also download as a PDF here]


As always, if there is a LED Lenser product that you really want, but we don't have it listed on our site, please reach out and make contact. As we are official re-sellers of LED Lenser we can supply any of their products including spare parts.